When bread rises…

…the dough sets.

Bread talk? Crumb chat…Toast roulette.

Sun kissed bread — Credits to Ate

Taste resonates from the heart of the cook, pulled up by continuous frustration towards perfection.

First, segregate the ingredients: dry and wet. Measure, pour, sift, and mix — a chunk of bread dough. Knead it until it becomes elastic, not easily torn by hand and pierced by finger. Contain and leave it to expand or rise.

After a while, pieces will be cut from the rolled well rested dough. Pieces that are equivalent by width, height, and thickness. Breadcrumbs will serve as an insulation, controlling the heat transfer from the pan. All will be placed on coated trays for cooking.

Dough a deer, a female deer.

An oven is a friend. Treat it with the same respect given to the dough, and it will do the same. Pre-heating is essential for conditioning the space; premature settings will can result unto gradual change from room to cooking temperature may affect the quality of the bread.

Keep the fire steady, prevent frequent peeking of progress, only then, no piece of dough will be a plateau.

Patience is key and time is the lock; stay aware and meticulous of the thoughts that may lead into an impasse…negligence comes with a price that’s not meant to be paid but pawned.

Handle the newly baked as it is warm, and consequently, fragile from the oven ‘till arriving at the counter-top. Use sanitized rubber-tipped tongs to minimize punctures on the bread and scratch marks on the pan; this would also save time on cleaning up.

Serve gracefully, be organized, and calm.



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